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  • 0907. Visitor Center

    Two park rangers converse at the Visitor Center Information Desk.
    The park's Visitor Center features a book store with a wide variety of books on the Army life, Plains Indians and the Santa Fe Trail.

    To get to the visitor center, follow the brown dirt path along officers’ row to the stone barracks buildings. Enter through the wooden double door.

    Although you can certainly tour the buildings before seeing our museum, starting out at the visitor center museum will give you all the background history and context you need to understand what you’ll find in the buildings as you tour the grounds.

    Exhibits in the museum not only tell about the fort’s history, but also about the daily life of the officers and men who served here, as well as the Native American tribes living in the area. Featured exhibits include a sword that belonged to an officer stationed at Fort Larned who was also a two-time Medal of Honor winner and a Spanish lance point found in a local farm field, testifying to the wide ranging explorations the Spanish made on the Great Plains.