1001. Tour Introduction

Two-story white home with balcony over the front porch.
Alexander Majors House
Welcome to the Santa Fe National Historic Trail media tour. You can travel hundreds of miles and see hundreds of places!

  • Allow the web app to know your location if prompted. This will help you know where you are in location to the trail. 
  • Also, allow it to alert you to nearby stops. The image below shows the range of pop up windows that may appear.
  • Remember that the bottom of your screen will always show navigation options.
  • The tour is designed for mobile media. If you are accessing the tour from a computer, adjust the browser window to mimic the vertical rectangle shape of a phone or tablet.
1009. Kansas City Area Itinerary
Computer screenshot showing two pop ups.  One for allowing the location, another for alerting to nearby stops.
Allow location and turn on alerts