1017. Independence Courthouse Square

Large, multi-story red brick courthouse with clock tower surrounded by green lawn and sidewalk.
Historic Truman Courthouse

In its early days, mercantile stores, hotels, banks, blacksmith shops, and saloons  constituted this nucleus of commerce that outfitted westward travelers who funneled from across the eastern United States to this square then “jumped off” westbound into the so-called Great American Desert.

Though it has evolved over time, the Courthouse Square maintains its charm, and has been used since 1827.The moniker building in the middle has connections to U.S. President Harry S Truman, and found within it are remnants of earlier courthouse structures dating to 1836.


Truman Courthouse

Winding the Clock on the Independence: Jackson County’s Historic Truman Courthouse is available in the courthouse at the Jackson County Historical Society or online.