1027. Trailside Center

Large modern building with green grass lawn and tree out front.
Trailside Center
For nearly a quarter century, residents and pioneers along the western Missouri border ate the dust kicked up by thousands of wagons heading west to Santa Fe, Oregon and California. 

Located just off of 3-Trails Crossing Memorial Highway in the heart of the historic 3-Trails Corridor, Trailside Center provides resources for trail and civil war aficionados, historians, and the Kansas City community. Few visitors realize that the communities that established in this area in the early 1830s were situated at the western edge of the United States until Kansas Territory was established in 1854. 


The Trailside Center is a visitor information center sponsored through a partnership with the City of Kansas City, Missouri, and the nonprofit Historical Society of New Santa Fe, incorporated in 1977 to preserve and memorialize pioneer history in southwest Kansas City. As with the campsites and hospitable settlers met along their overland journey, the Trailside Center greets visitors today and orients them to historic places in the metropolitan area.

Trailside Center

Historical Society of New Santa Fe