408. Directions to Old and New Franklin, Missouri

The coordinates of the pin on the map are for New Franklin (see directions below).

For Old Franklin - Latitude : 38.36788 | Longitude : -90.887066

To Old Franklin:  

Leave I-70 at exit 101, Boonville, Missouri. Drive north through the center of town, and cross the Missouri River. You are on US 40. Just north of the bridge, MO 87 intersects from the west. Go west ¼ mile on MO 87 to a small park that is the site of the Old Franklin terminal for the Missouri-Kansas- Texas Railroad ("Katy"). Here you will find a marker.

Continue to New Franklin:

Return to the intersection of MO 87 and US 40; turn left (north toward New Franklin). Turn left on MO 5. It intersects with Broadway, turn right and proceed ½ block to the intersection of Missouri Street and East Broadway. Here you will find a plaque designating the relocation of the beginning of the Santa Fe Trail.