425. Arabia Steamboat Museum

Image Credit: Arabia Steamboat Museum

The steamboat Arabia traveled the Missouri River in the 1850s. The steamboat’s speed on the Missouri River was 5 miles per hour. It carried a combination of passengers preparing for a journey west and merchandise to be delivered to merchants.

On August 30, 1856, the Arabia left St. Louis bound for pioneer settlements. The Arabia carried 200 tons of freight when it hit a snag just north of present-day Kansas City that caused the boat to sink. Its treasures lay buried for 132 years.

Today visitors can see a video that tells the story of finding the old steamboat and saving the trade items that it carried. Visitors will get a good idea of the freight that traveled the Santa Fe Trail.

1856.com (Arabia Steamboat Museum)    

Cavy and Freighter Hint; Image Credit: Arabia Steamboat Museum
Scout Hint; Image Credit: Arabia Steamboat Museum