489. Autograph Rock (Cimarron Route)

Cold Springs Creek, a tributary of the Cimarron River, was a well-known campsite located in what became known as the Panhandle of Oklahoma. People camped here because of the nearness of water and protection from attack by the high cliffs. Numerous people carved their names on the sandstone wall of the cliffs. The signatures came from soldiers, teamsters, gold seekers, and others traveling on the Santa Fe Trail. Because of all the names carved in the rock, Cold Springs Creek became known as Autograph Rock. The name written most oft en was F. B. Delgado. He owned a mule and ox train that freighted up and down on the trail. Autograph Rock is part of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail and is located on a ranch owned by Dan and Carol Sharp. The GPS points for this stop take you to the Cimarron Heritage Center, one of the places you can make an appointment to see the site. See Stop 488 for contact information.