489. Wagon Mound

Wagon Mound is a volcanic rock landmark and from

a distance it reminded travelers on the Santa Fe Trail of a large wagon pulled by draft animals. A spring at the base of the mountain made it an excellent rest stop and camp site. Near here, in 1849, a Jicarilla Apache princess and daughter of Chief Lobo Blanco was killed while in the custody of the U.S. Army.

At the same place in May of 1850, ten teamsters

accompanying a mail wagon were attacked and killed by Chief Lobo Blanco and his warriors in retaliation for the death of his daughter. Days later, a military patrol came upon the scattered remains and government mail. This was the first attack on a mail wagon on the Santa Fe Trail.

The village of Wagon Mound in Mora County was first settled in the 1860’s. East of the village are two cemeteries. The cemetery on the left is called the Protestant Hillside Cemetery. The cemetery on the right is called the Catholic Santa Clara Cemetery. In the Catholic cemetery, there is a white tombstone of the Santa Fe Trail freighter Charles Fraker who was active in the Trail trade during the later years. The two cemeteries reflect two cultures involved in trade on the Santa Fe Trail.