495. Point of Rocks, New Mexico (Cimarron Route)

Points of Rocks, New Mexico, is a mesa above low and rolling hills with a spring at its base. Next to the mesa on the eastern side is a landmark, the ridge of Hogback Butt e. Santa Fe Trail caravans and Indian buffalo hunting parties would camp near the rocks which provided an excellent view of the Rocky Mountains plus a year-round spring available to the campers. This was also near the site of the White Family Ambush in 1849 by Jicarilla Apache Indians. They killed six people including James White and

William Callaway and captured Ann White, her daughter, and a servant. Kit Carson guided the military party to the Apache camp to rescue mother and daughter but Mrs. White was found dead. The child and servant were never found. An important note, however, is that more people died of cholera than Indian attacks along the Trail. 

At Point of Rocks you can see the following: Jicarilla Apache Indian tipi-ring marks in the rocks, Santa Fe Trail ruts, the grave of Isaac Allen who died in 1848 and eleven unmarked graves. It is located on the ranch of Faye Gaines and the late Pete Gaines in Colfax County. Even though this site is on private land, access is unrestricted. An outdoor kiosk along with a picnic shelter is also on the site.

Point of Rocks