How to Use This Tour

You can visit many sites of the Santa Fe National Historic Trail over the 900-mile historic route. This mobile tour and the official webpage for the Santa Fe National Historic Trail will help you find your way.

Watch the video above to learn how to take the tour!

If you come across a Santa Fe National Historic Trail mobile tour sign, you can use the keypad at the bottom of the screen to enter a stop number.

From any point in the tour you can use the home button for links about access and stops.

The map button below provides a variety of maps to use to explore the trail.

This mobile tour is based on research and itineraries developed by partners along the length of the trail. While the National Park Service administers the Santa Fe National Historic Trail, daily management of trail sites is undertaken by a wide variety of partners, which can include federal, state, and local agencies; non-profit organizations; and private landowners.