Tour Organization and How to Navigate

This tour does not require that you follow a linear path, i.e., east to west or west to east. Instead, directions are given from local town points and radiate out to sites. The tour was designed in local areas by trail partners that manage historic sites and segments of trail, so the tours are local and directions usually radiate from a central starting point.

For example, if you are near Dodge City, Kansas, and want to visit sites, you have a few options for how to find them. The Dodge City Convention and Visitors Bureau is a good starting point. You can pick up a tour brochure and directions as a hard copy, or use the audio feature of this tour to listen to directions to sites from the CVB. You would dial the number and select the site. You could read directions from place to place.

Alternately, you could use the full mobile app or web features in this tour, which provide pop up notifications in the mobile web tour or the interactive map accessible at any stop.

In this tour, even numbers provide directions and odd numbers provide site content. In places where there are more complex tour designs, for example at the national parks on the trail, you can begin with the first tour stop number and then click through the tour by pressing “next” or following the stops that pop up in the mobile web tour as you are approaching a trail feature.

Many stops have additional photos below the photo, audio, video, or text sections.

If your trip follows the trail into remote areas, you can plan ahead and download the audio (mp3) files for this tour before you begin.

Please follow the links below for more about using the tour and downloading audio files.

Link to mp3 (under development)

Link to instructions (under development)

Santa Fe National Historic Trail website    


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