NPS Santa Fe National Historic Trail
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    You may decide to travel the entire length of the Santa Fe Trail or visit just one or two sites. This web app will help you locate sites and learn their stories.

    Accessing the Tour

    Please note that cellular service may not be available in many locations or signals may be weak depending on your carrier. While the web app is free, normal cellular or data usage rates apply. You can access the tour by phone, smartphone, tablet, or computer. 


    Tour routes may take you through unpopulated or sparsely populated areas. Make sure to obtain gasoline as soon as your tank reaches half empty and carry sunscreen, food, water, and extra clothing. Also bring paper maps in case you reach an area without cell service. Plan ahead and locate restrooms, food, and lodging areas.

    Tour Organization

    You can access the tour from hundreds of sites or stops across the 1,000 miles of the Santa Fe Trail. The mobile tour is not linear, allowing access from a variety of locations. The list below will help you plan your trip or geo-reference your position in relation to trail sites.

    If you want to follow the trail in a linear pattern, consider using Stops 400-530. Then you can click forward or back in the tour and travel from site to site. Stops are cross-referenced when more information is available at additional stop numbers. These stops are part of the Junior Wagon Master program but the site summaries are perfect for any traveler. While the program does not cover all trail sites, it does highlight the diversity of places you can visit trail-wide. You can preview the Junior Wagon Master program on the Santa Fe NHT website.